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wake early
September 27, 2010, 4:32 pm
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Wake early


Well of course

and not  in fearful

response to Calvinistic

maxims (¨healthy, wealthy and wise¨)

but for the stillness

mysterious presence

companionable, enfolding


We must wake early

how else can we see

the sky so full of stars

but low as if bending

to kiss earth’s darkness

presage dawn’s embrace

provident daily reminder

we are not forgotten.


Bonnie Thurston

25th November 2009


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lovely words.

Comment by Jingle

Strangely enough…. I have just bought a volume of poems by Mary Oliver called Why I wake early. http://www.panhala.net/Archive/Why_I_Wake_Early.html

Comment by Kiwinomad

Have to share this one of Bonnie Thurston’s with you too…

Five Precepts On Happiness


Though your friends and family
will likely try
to save you from it,
yours is nobody else’s
business or responsibility.


You cannot cause,
manufacture or manipulate it.
It comes, if at all,
as gift to be received
with gratitude.


Hope to receive it
and prepare by giving away
what you least want to lose.
On this point
Jesus and Buddha dance.


Refuse to carry the burden
of maintaining it.
That’s unnecessary baggage,
will betroth you
to a boulder and a hill.


If you receive some,
scatter it like seed.
Sharing assures preservation.
As with manna,
held tight, it rots.

Bonnie Thurston

Comment by solitary walker

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

And thanks too Robert for the gift of this poem – I might post one more (and only one) Bonnie Thurston poem soon.


Comment by pilgrimpace

I ran into this site sort of by “accident” if you believe in that sort of thing. And was surprised to find my poetry. Thank you.
Bonnie Thurston

Comment by Bonnie Thurston

Dear Bonnie,

thank you for your kind words and welcome to the blog. I find your poetry very nourishing,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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