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A year ago today I arrived in Santiago Cathedral after seven wonderful hard weeks walking.

More on this soon.  I’m off to have a Quiet Day at Alum Rock Convent and to spend some time silently before God.  This evening there may be some beers in quiet remembrance.

Here’s a photo I was sent of the Pilgrims Mass I attended the day I arrived.  The Cathedral was full.  Jose Carlos and I stood at the side of the nave, packs leaning against a pillar.


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Ahhhhhh a special day that first anniversary! I hope you find some others today who can understand something of its meaning…

Comment by Kiwinomad

Thanks Margaret,

yes – I’m much more emotional than I thought I would be today, and very glad I’d organised a day with plenty of space to reflect and pray things through.

As you can see from Jose Carlos’ comment, I’ve had the joy of email communication with a very special peregrino!


Comment by pilgrimpace

Yes, my friend. For me, it´s also a fond memory. What a day! After the regular beer, we drank some drink I didn´t remember and we´ve tried so hard to lunch at Manolo´s (at Plaza de Cervantes, a block away from the Cathedral, as you remember) but it was closed because it was Sunday. Yes, we finished our path on a Sunday which began rainy and finished sunny. Surely we´re blessed and our spirits were enlighted that day.
Congratulations! I´ll rise a drink too. Guess what? Oh, just a cup of wine, an authentic and good Spanish wine, “Clos de Torribas”, tempranillo, crianza, Penedés, 2006. Arriba, España! Cheers!
Light and peace.
José Carlos, pilgrim

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

Ah Jose Carlos, so many memories! Yes, I will be raising a glass soon, and I have pulpo! Congratulations to you.

pax et bonum,

Andy, pilgrim

Comment by pilgrimpace

Congratulations! It’s a very big experience and I think you will be a pilgrim forever.
If you come back again, take a look at our web site and maybe you can also try it again with Bono Iacobus:http://www.turgalicia.es/iacobus/bono.asp?cidi=I&ctre=iacobus
Buen Camino and a hugh from Galicia!
Anna García. Community Manager of Turgalicia (The Oficial Organization for the Tourism in Galicia).

Comment by Anna Garcia

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