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how does the road go on?
October 29, 2010, 8:18 am
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I’ve been thinking about the beautiful and thoughtful comments Jose Carlos and The Solitary Walker wrote about my last post.  Jose Carlos writes an extremely deep poem about how the memory of the Camino should serve to spur us on into walking a road that goes on for ever.  I am reminded very forcibly of how the first Christians described themselves as the followers of the Way, and of how often as I listened to the Spanish Mass, trying to understand a bit more, hearing “El Camino … el Camino … el Camino” (How much did the presence of a pilgrim in Churches a bit off busy pilgrim routes have to do with this?).  The question and challenge for me (for us?) is not so much returning to the pilgrim routes (although please God!) but that of how walking the pilgrim route has changed and deepened our lives, and how we are now called to walk the road which is set before us in ways that are about living in gratitude, love, justice, simplicity and all the values of the Camino.  Quite a challenge – and perhaps one that will go on forever.  St Gregory of Nyssa brought together our limited nature, the infinity of God, and St Paul’s insight that we are changed from glory into glory, to perceive that our future is an eternity of divinisation, of becoming ever more the image and likeness of God that we are.  Perhaps this is the road?  Perhaps this is the Camino?


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