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interview with martin sheen about the way
November 8, 2010, 7:09 pm
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Channel 4 News has an interview with Martin Sheen about his Camino film ‘The Way’ here.




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Dear friend, saludos from Brazil. Actually the video is unavaiable, what is a pity but I had to tell you a story about the film. For me, an incredible and amazing coincidence! Well, since then I wonder if it was a coincidence. I bet it´s not! Let me tell you. A week after we´ve arrived at Santiago as the highlight of our journey I returned to the city as soon I finished my journey to Finisterra and Muxia and there were a filming in progress in the streets of the Santiago. People telling us to not trespassing, warnings, a crowd of “extras”, police cars, streets closed. Wow! It was just the shooting of “The Path”, as I knew later. And luck of me I could watch the movie while it was filmed, I mean, some takes in the streets, with a lot of characters in their roles but no Martin Sheen. And I also read the newspaper about the presence of the team-work in Santiago for filming “The Path”. Now I´m expecting to watch it here in my country and hoping it happens very soon. Again and always, I´ll miss the Camino.
Remain in light.
José Carlos

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

Ahh, Jose Carlos. When I left Santiago to go home, they were not filming. You got to walk to Finisterra and Muxia, and saw the film!

I am waiting for it here too. There will be many memories of walking together when I see it,



Comment by pilgrimpace

Thanks for the clip, enjoyed watching it. Now if we could just get the movie!! Seems like it’s been forever, waiting for it!

Comment by Karin

Thanks Karin. Patience for the film – like the walking!


Comment by pilgrimpace

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