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the irrepressible lightness and joy

Thinking a lot about the Kingdom of God at the moment in amongst a time of grappling with cuts, the difficult economic situation, a government which seems to offer little to those most in need.  How to work with all people of good will to cooperate with God in the coming of the Kingdom?

This is obviously not just a theoretical question, and I attempt to be deeply engaged in it in practice, not least in the ministry in my parishes.

We may find vision to lead us through this time in many places.

Lawrence Cunningham finishes his book Francis of Assisi: Performing Gospel Life with the following discussion of Hardt and Negri’s Empire:

The task of the militant is to shape affective networks within the set of social structures with no illusions of the possibility of transcending them.  Who might model such a form of life?  In a startling final paragraph, Negri says: consider the work of Francis of Assis.  Francis who opposed ‘nascent capitalism’ not by world-denying forms of asceticism, but by a ‘joyous life, including all being and nature, the animals, sister moon, brother sun, the birds of the field, the poor and exploited humans, against the will of power and corruption.’  This is the kind of revolution Negri wishes to model and hence his final sentence: ‘This is the irrepressible lightness and joy of being a communist’.


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