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pilgrimage to santiago
December 7, 2010, 5:10 pm
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Terry Brighton has put a long poem entitled Pilgrimage to Santiago on his website here.

For me, it is one of those wonderful gifts by another pilgrim that has me nodding in recognition or suddenly seeing something I had not noticed before.  Terry writes of a pilgrimage on the Camino Primitivo and then the Frances (and I’m sure he walked the Norte first).

Here is a stanza (and please note Terry’s copyright):

So the pilgrim must go on!
Out of town, up the hill
Into the mist and the rain.
And at the summit of the pass?
Nothing! Just silence
And the dim light through the mist.
Now downhill
Into the mist and the rain.
Until at last a few dwellings
And an open door into a bar.
The silence as he enters speaks volumes! Then
A sentence in bad Spanish by this stranger
Brings laughter, and willing hands
To help with poncho and sombrero,
Backpack and staff.
The ability to laugh at oneself,
“I’m like a drowned rat . . . !”
Gives others permission to laugh with you.
Sharing joy and pain is part of life.
Part of the pilgrim journey.



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Mist, rain, bad Spanish, drowned rats… oh, yes, I certainly recognised all these..!

Comment by solitary walker

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