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new year bank holiday
January 4, 2011, 4:17 pm
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New Year’s Day Bank Holiday.  My family are out, having Mother and Daughter time.  Possibilities open.  I need a walk.  I have Christmas and birthday book tokens burning a hole in my pocket.  Both are combined.  I walk the 6 miles into the city centre, trying to find a medium between walking through as many parks and green spaces as possible, while keeping a reasonably straight line.  My two doctors walk away a headache.

Fun in the book shop.  I bring no list with me, but choose from the shelves of history books, nature books and novels.  Some to read in the next months, others saved for future holidays.  And then lunch – good beer and a cheese cob in the Wellington on Bennett’s Hill, reading Iain Sinclair’s introduction to the new edition of Mabey’s The Unofficial Countryside (I’ll post some quotes for it later this week) thinking through the connections between the new nature writing, urban psychogeography, the grim political situation, and hope.

And then the walk home, facing into the low winter sun along the Birmingham and Worcester and the Stratford Upon Avon Canals.  To my right, hedges and walls covered with profusion of ivy and old man’s beard.  On my left, canal covered in thick ice.  The ice covered from time to time with cider bottles, footballs and bricks; once, incongruously, a coconut.  On one stretch, melt patterns looking like Anna Atkins’ cyanotypes.  I walk over the new viaduct and past the new road bridge over the not-yet-built Selly Oak Relief Road.  And home to mugs of hot, strong tea.


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Lovely post, Andy. Here in Fremantle its hot, muggy and still. Swap you a bit of hot for a bit of cool? 😉

Comment by Lucy Ridsdale

I’ll definitely swap weather with you – it’s currently 5 degrees, but with heavy and very cold rain. I just spent half an hour cycling home and am in the process of thawing out with hot soup.

Hope the thesis is progressing.

Comment by pilgrimpace

Yes, a great post, I agree! Nice conciseness to the writing, and you say a lot here in just a few words.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks – I suppose this is something of the simplicity of thought that you’ve recently written about.


Comment by pilgrimpace

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