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journey to mecca
January 27, 2011, 4:38 pm
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IMAX films can take people to places they would otherwise never go. The Hajj, the longest running congregation of humans annually on earth, is definitely a unique experience. For non-Muslims it is the closest they will ever come to witnessing this extraordinary event, and for Muslims it takes on an even deeper significance.  Journey to Mecca is the

first and only film granted ground and aerial access in Mecca to the Holy Ka’bah by King Abdullah.


I was touched by the stories behind the Journey To Mecca – In The Footsteps of Ibn Battuta film and the lengths the non-Muslim film makers went to. The patience and perseverance of those behind the film was outstanding. It was two and a half years before permission was granted to film in Mecca. So dedicated was the man behind the project that he lived in Saudi for the time it took to get permission for them to film 10 minutes of footage. 85 permits were needed to film in Mecca, permits for so many things that we in the West take for granted.


JTM is one of the most expensive and complicated productions in the history of Imax filmmaking.  A film about one of the most logistically complicated events on earth on one of the most challenging media formats in the world.  The film makers went to great lengths to make this a Muslim production in Mecca. 85 Muslims had to be trained in less than a month, working 18 hour days, 7 days a week.  A film crew from over 24 countries was used and the film project took 4 years to make with consensus from 15 world-renowned experts & scholars.




Please do come along to see this unique and visually stunning film on Sunday 30th January, 1pm to 4pm when there will be a special screening and a talk on the life of Ibn Battuta by Sarah Joseph (OBE and editor of Emel Magazine.)

    • Bcf Bham Faiths

      B’ham Council of Faiths encourages people to attend the film ‘Journey to Mecca’ on 30 January · 13:00 – 16:00 in Imax Birmingham. Sarah Joseph, editor of emel magazine will be at Birmingham Imax Cinema talking on the Life of Ibn Battuta on Sunday 30th January from 1pm-4pm. Event also includes a play by the Muslim Scouts, a screening of the Journey to Mecca film followed by a Q & A session. Come along and learn about the Life of Ibn Battuta, a 14th Century travellor who made a 3,000 mile journey from Morocco to present day Saudi Arabia.


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This is cruel! I’d have to fly or drive for more than a day to see it! Hopefully it comes closer…like at least NYC. Looks really amazing.

Comment by Karin

This film is expected to be presented here in Brazil. So I hope. For what it was said, I guess it is also a real docummentary on this huge human meeting and its significance.

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

I just have to see this!

Comment by solitary walker

Thanks everyone. I can’t go this Sunday as I’ll still be in Church at 1pm, but I’m trying to work out when I can see it soon (amongst a very busy time). If you can get across to Birmingham Robert, we could go together.

And there will be a post soon on ‘Of Gods and Men’ – that really is a film,


Comment by pilgrimpace

Thanks, Andy. That would have been good! However, Birmingham a bit far. I think I may try and see it in Bradford when visiting my son up there.

Comment by solitary walker

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