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February 11, 2011, 4:28 pm
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Glory is the sun, too, and the sun of suns,
and down the shafts of his splendid pinions
run tiny rivers of peace.

Most of his time, the tiger pads and slouches in a burning
And the small hawk high up turns round on the slow pivot of 
Peace comes from behind the sun, with the peregrine falcon,
	and the owl.
Yet all of these drink blood.

The excuse for some DH Lawrence today (if any were needed), is this wonderful description of Lawrence by Aldous Huxley in Deakin’s Wildwood:

He could cook, he could sew, he could darn a stocking and milk a cow, he was an efficient woodcutter and a good hand at embroidery, fires always burned when he had laid them and a floor after he had scrubbed it was thoroughly clean.

I’m OK at cooking, my fires usually, but not always light, I can’t sew, I’ve never milked a cow.  I can clean floors.


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Gee ya made my day! I can and have done damn near all of that! ‘Cept cut wood and write well !! 🙂

Comment by Karin

Wow, what an impressive array of talents! I think I’ll marry him …

Comment by solitary walker

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