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March 11, 2011, 6:02 pm
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I’ve been enjoying the 2011 volume of Retreats which has 50 or 60 pages of articles on pilgrimage at the beginning.  I hope it is OK to share this poem by Rainar Aasrand.


It seems to be the loneliest way

of these days of mine,


but never completely alone,

I step into, what I have come to learn


is really the intangible fusion,

tensionless state of open-heartedness,


trust and then something else,

something much more.  So steady and firm


I keep looking for what is not ephemeral

and let the distance lead me all by itself,


as if knowing, once, long time before,

someone else was here to hold a head high,


to look forward, see these muted hilltops

and then wonder, with peace and joy so deep,


how that one little thought of movement

this silent prayer of no words could indeed,


do, what they have done so well, give light

and keep us up in the failings of our nights


Yes, that one quiet prayer muffled on the lips

and all you know – everything will change.



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