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This has been a long hard Lent, although today is only the third Sunday.  The cuts are arriving.  Weoley Castle Community Projects, of which I am Chair, was in The Guardian on Friday:

Weoley Castle Community Projects, Birmingham

Cut: £5,000 (15%)

Weoley Castle offers a support service for up to 30 local elderly people every day in a church hall. It provides company, conversation, a proper meal, entertainment and care. Many of those using the service would otherwise be alone during the day.

But a 15% cut – from £33,000 to £28,000 – means the project has had to make two part-time staff redundant and reduce the amount of day care offered, from five days to four days a week. It has had a significant impact on those who have nowhere to go on the fifth day and have little extra care at home.

The project has also had to send out first stage redundancy letters to all its day care staff as there is no word of future funding from 1 April.

Kate Pearson, a trustee of the Weoley Castle project, says: “It doesn’t make any sense at all. We provide value for money. What happens to clients when we’re not there? We’re being honest about the pressures facing us, but the majority of our clients will find it hard to understand because they are in the early stages of dementia. But they have noticed the redundancies and a few are extremely anxious.”

It is going to be a hard and difficult week.  Prayers please for the Project, those who use its services, the staff and volunteers, the trustees, and hard pressed Council Officers.

Thanks to the half a million people who Marched for an Alternative in London yesterday.  Now is a critical time for working for a creative and just future.

As we journey through Lent, it is a time also for faith, for walking in the Way of the Cross, for hope in the Resurrection and in the Kingdom of God – on earth as it is in heaven.


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update – we will be open beyond the end of the week. 6 months continuation from Council, although almost certainly with some cut

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