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stations of the cross


This is a moving set of Stations of the Cross, helping us to walk with Christ in the Way of the Cross.

This is one of Paul Hill’s remarkable Stations from St Cuthbert, Castle Vale in Birmingham (although in Coventry Cathedral in the photograph).  They are in the book Jesus on the Cross Road by Paul Hill and John Austen which we used last week at St Gabriel’s.  If anyone knows where to get more copies of the book, please let me know.


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That was amazing. The pic that literally brought me to tears was simply Mary & Jesus hands on the cross, her’s covering his. The older I get, the more this does me in. My oldest is now 32, and to for one split second try to imagine that pain, as a mother, that kind of loss, that way…is too much. Thanks for such a beautiful Holy Week post.

Comment by Karin

Thanks Karin – have a blessed Holy Week,


Comment by pilgrimpace

How can I contact the artist Paul Hill? I need a title for one of his painting which I have recently purchased.

Comment by Tom Rattigan

I’m sorry, I don’t have any contact details for him

Comment by pilgrimpace

Does anyone know of the location of this artist paul Hill?

Comment by Tom Rattigan

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