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May 17, 2011, 4:41 pm
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I’m back from a few days walking the first half of the Pilgrims Way from Winchester towards Canterbury with Roland.  We walked somewhere between 75 and 80 miles, bivouacking and staying in hostels, before we ran out of time.  I’ll post a reflection when I get time in the next few days – during which I will tell you about the dog water.

I saw this question on the web today:

For those of you who are walkers, do you feel yourselves to be pilgrims or travellers?

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You lucky thing! I feel unchristianly envious.

As a human being, I feel myself to be a pilgrim – and walking is simply part of that. As a walker, sometimes I feel more pilgrim-like than at other times. I think it depends on the type of walk, its length and hardship and associations. I feel a traveller more when I’m abroad, and combining walking with other modes of locomotion. I try not to think I may ever be a tourist – though, inevitably, I suppose sometimes I am.

Comment by solitary walker

Thanks Robert. It was needed, I can tell you. Some stories and reflections on it coming soon. I think you’re right that pilgrimage is life,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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