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May 21, 2011, 12:47 pm
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relaxing into walking

the hills keeping us honest

the sweet tang of wild strawberries

watercress beds

beech woods

on the outskirts of Guildford, a house ‘Pilgrim’s Corner’ opposite ‘Narnia’

the Proustian moment of strong tea, brewed outside, in a red plastic mug

fording the River Mole

a fox and cubs crossing the path in front

a peregrine

Roman snails – and woods full of ramsons

finding bivouac sites; the best is here, under yews, with Roland lighting the Kelly Kettle for breakfast coffee and porridge

running low on water; the National Trust refreshment site was all locked up.  They had left water in tubs for dogs.  One of these emptied into a bottle for boiling.  But a stockbroker-belt golf course meaning we couldn’t bivi where we’d hoped, so finding a pub –  a pint and clean water

no dog’s milk

climbing the steep steps up Box Hill.  the pub at the top was – bizarrely – a country and western bar.  not serving pints – but you could have two halves

the joy of chalk downlands


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Even more envious now!

Not sure how practical the Kelly Kettle is for backpacking? It looks a bit bulky to me. I know fuel is heavy – but a little micro-stove can heat water AND cook food.

A country and western bar at the top of Box Hill? Gosh, whatever next. A caff on Snowdon? A restaurant on Cairngorm? (Whoops, they’ve done those.)

Perhaps Southern Comfort would have been more appropriate than a half of bitter!

Comment by solitary walker

I’m quite a fan of storm kettles. I’ve got the one pint version – it weighs about 750gs. It is a bit bulky, but you don’t need to carry fuel. It is no more bulky than my mini trangia plus fuel. It heats up water extremely quickly. And it’s enormous fun – looking for a good place to use it, collecting fuel, burning it.

Beer was drunk on Box Hill due to thirst!

Looking forward to the next long-ish walks – the Camino Ingles with my daughter in the autumn, then finishing this one next year,


Comment by pilgrimpace

“it weighs about 750kgs. It is a bit bulky…” 3/4 of a tonne? Glad you were carrying it and not me! Didn’t look all that heavy though 🙂

Comment by Roland

I’m on a roll at the moment! 750g – unless you go for the lead version


Comment by pilgrimpace

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