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pilgrimage to the recesses of the heart

pilgrimage to the recesses of the heart

I heard this wonderful phrase a night or two ago on the radio programme A Good Read as the contributors discussed Richard Holmes’ book Footsteps.  I have found it to be enigmatic and suggestive, and is certainly something that I want to live with for a while, something I want to chew over, to let rest within me, to meditate upon.

Immediately it is making connections with the quotation from Joyce Rupp that I posted a few days ago and the thoughtful responses from Robert and Anna-Marie, reflecting on their experiences of pilgrimage in Spain.  The phrase is a wonderful reminder that pilgrimage is not just about the physical challenge of walking a long way (although this can be enough), but that it is an internal journey that is also set before us if we wish.  The invitation to explore the recesses of the heart, to journey deeper into the heart and the soul.  As with walking, this can be wonderful and it can also be hellishly hard.  As Rupp reminds us, we can change for the bad as well as for the good.  For myself, I pray for the grace of God and for the help of those around me that the change might be good, and that I might be ready continually to obey Christ’s command “Follow me”, or as Meister Eckhart so wonderfully puts it:

Put on your travelling shoes and jump into the arms of God.


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