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trusting surrender
June 29, 2011, 3:39 pm
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“The Gospel, continuing the long-standing testamentary spirituality of the anawim (the poor and humble ones of Yahweh), postulates a spirit of total availability and trusting surrender to God and brothers and sisters.  We receive everything from God, and as such, everything we receive comes to us; we are almsgivers before God; we are to keep nothing for ourselves, but rather, all that we have and are must be placed at the service and need of others and of the will of God.  This Gospel spirit is indispensible in order to belong to the Kingdom; this is the anthropological project of Christians.  To be poor is the same thing as being simple, detached, ready to give and receive.  This is the meaning of Matthew’s version of the Beatitude of the poor (Matt 6:3).  The opposite of this form of poverty is Pharisaism, bragging, arrogance, and self-promotion, so criticized by Jesus in his Gospel.  To opt for the poor means, then, to opt for a radical conversion of the heart in the face of a culture of hubris, of self-affirmation, of autonomy at the side of the domination of others, support and exultation of the strongest, most intelligent, and most powerful.  Jesus lived this radical way of life to the point of surrendering his own life.  To follow Jesus is to appropriate this ethic.”

– Leonardo Boff  Francis of Assisi


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