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July 8, 2011, 8:06 am
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I’m wondering if this blog has run its course or whether I should keep going.

Are the reflections and posts here getting too ‘samey’ or do you find them interesting enough for me to keep going with these reflections on pilgrimage from the perspective of someone who has done one big walk to Santiago and finds that the perspective of pilgrimage makes sense of things for me as a parish priest in urban Birmingham?  Could you let me know what you think – should I stay or should I go?


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Andy, it is of course up to you- but I think your blog provides an interesting viewpoint. You think about the meaning of pilgrimage more than most, and have shared some interesting bits from your reading. I know I am going back to ponder more about ‘sacramentality’ as it appeared in the previous post…. Maybe you could just post occasionally, as the spirit moves you?!

Comment by Margaret

Dear friend, you should go. I have no doubts about. Sometimes things look like, as you said, “samey”. But it don´t, not for me. We are pilgrims, then and now. Reflecting about this stuff is an inner voyage. Put a smile on your face and go shinning your and our way. And it´s time to say thank you for your insights and lights!
José Carlos, from Brazil

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

Do not leave us. Your inspiration inspires others to search and reflect. You are a source to return to. Thank you.

Comment by Christine

It’s up to you of course, but have you seen Winter Pilgrim’s latest plans? Gasps of amazement in this household!

Personaly I would miss your posts but if you feel they are a chore then feel free to stop. However I expect that in writing them you find food for thought for yourself as well as for you readers.

Comment by Margaret (not the one above)

Andy, of course you´d realize I meant to say “you should stay” writing your posts here. Of course, my friend, I was – as always -walking a path some up above.
José Carlos, from Brazil

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

Andy, I, for one, would you like you to hang around a little longer at least. I am very interested in trying the Camino one day, and as I only just discovered your blog, would appreciate any more insights you feel like sharing.

The other option, of course, is doing another long walk, providing you with plenty of raw material for further blogging!

Comment by GOAT 山羊

For me, your blog is constantly interesting, delightful, insightful. I don’t find your posts ‘samey’ at all. I think you know that. Whether you feel you have the time and motivation to continue is completely up to you! Of course. I don’t think it matters one jot about whether you’ve done one camino, several, or none at all. Pilgrimages are of our own making, and according to our own parameters. The true pilgrimage is within; we’ve discussed this many times!

I must say that yours is truly one of my favourite blogs, but I hesitate in influencing you, because blogging comes from many complex needs and desires. I vote you should stay – if we’re doing a Eurovision or X-Factor thing on this … 😉

Comment by The Solitary Walker

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