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reactions to the riots

Like many other people, I’m reflecting on the riots in Britain this week.  I want to give some links to posts which I have found helpful and illuminating, even if I do not necessarily agree with them.

This is an important piece of reportage from The Guardian about the reactions to the deaths in Birmingham.

Savi Hensman writes about the crucial importance of looking to the underlying causes of the riots here.

A good piece by Camila Batmanghelidjh here.

There are two interesting articles from Owen Jones on the left and Peter Oborne on the right.

There are links to the various responses by Bishops and the Church here.  Archbishop Rowan’s statement says some very important things on the role and nature of education.  Andrew Brown is interesting on the role of the Church of England here.  Jon Kurht has been writing some interesting reflections.

I’ll be reflecting more about this in the sermon at St Gabriel’s on Sunday morning, I think looking at what we as Christian people and a Church are called to do in response to the situation.  At the moment I’m reflecting a lot on the type of society we can embody, on our role in the city, and on the sort of work which we can do.

Have I missed any important articles or areas of reflection?




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Lynsey Hanley on estates and regeneration:


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