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August 19, 2011, 4:57 pm
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At the other end of the Island of Symi is the Monastery of St Michael the Archangel at Panormitis (originally a joint dedication with St Gabriel).  The importance of the Monastery and its Icon of the Archangel can be seen in this wooden plaque in the Archeological and Folklore Museum in Symi:

It was important to visit the Monastery while we were there.  The best way was by boat, a day trip round the island that included several stops for swimming, a barbeque on deserted beach of the tiny island of Seskli, and plenty to drink.  A good way to be a pilgrim!

It was a still, hot day.  We found seats on the boat, applied sun lotion, and settled down.  As soon as we left the harbour we were in a strong wind and a heavy swell.  The meal was less anticipated.  A prayer was mumbled to St Michael, the protector of mariners here.  Jumping off the boat for a swim helped settle things and we arrived in the harbour at Panormitis.  As Meenakshi stepped off, the wind took her hat which was fished out with a boat hook.  Time to visit the Monastery.

The courtyard inside was paved with black and white hokhlakia.

The Monastery Church was covered in paintings.  We venerated the Icon of St Michael and went into a separate chapel to light our candles.

A chance to buy icons and prayer beads, to have a cold drink, and then back on the boat.  Not everyone got back on – I’m not sure how they got back, it was a six hour walk and the workers’ bus was the next day.  Out of the harbour, the sea calmed.  Good pilgrimage, different journey.  Body, mind and spirit refreshed.



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Just back from walking Hadrian’s Wall and catching up on your posts. That hedonistic pilgrimage sounds alright to me!

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert – wait til you hear about the pilgrimage I’m doing in three weeks – although there is the walking with Meenakshi in the autumn.

Looking forward to your reports on the Wall,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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