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good things come in twos
September 12, 2011, 6:45 pm
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I’ve read two profound, moving and connected pieces today.  The first is a post by my friend Johnnie Walker on his excellent pilgrimage blog reflecting on the spiritual significance of his walk along the Levante earlier in the year.  Read it here.

The second is this poem by Thomas Blackburn:


An Epitaph


By much speaking I fled from silence,

To many friends from the one stranger,

By food and drink I cheated hunger,

And by meek words, abuse and violence.


My loss increased as I grew richer,

My load more great with lighter burden,

With less guilt, more sought I pardon,

As light flowered, I grew blinder.


I quenched my thirst by lack of water,

And found myself where I was absent,

Faith half proved by the inconstant

Moon: truth because I was a liar.


Now far still from the heart’s centre,

But with less storm, less crying,

I wait for birth again, now dying

Has opened its door and let me enter.


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Yes, I really like this poem, and also loved Johnnie Walker’s inspiring post.

Comment by solitary walker

Thanks Robert – they are both things that are staying in my mind and making me ponder.


Comment by pilgrimpace

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