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Meenakshi’s guest post
October 30, 2011, 5:50 pm
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Hello, I’m Meenakshi, and dad and I thought it would be nice if i just contributed a post to the blog about our recent pilgrimage to Santiago last week. I will just share a couple of things-

The thing I enjoyed most about our walk was getting up in the morning and just walking, without having to worry or over think anything, knowing that each step we took was getting us closer to our goal.

The thing I hated the most was, probably most obviously, the rain! Although it wasn’t pleasant having to trudge along with soggy boots, it didn’t stop our enjoyment of the pilgrimage, and once we’d arrived, the weather was forgotten.

The most funny thing that happened in Spain, although it makes me feel very guilty for saying this, was when dad fell completely over on the wet patio when we were being shown our room by the lovely lady in our hotel in Santiago. Although we were relieved to see he wasn’t hurt, the mental image of his glasses flying across the ground still makes me chuckle to myself.

And finally, the thing i learnt was to be determined and motivated, and when it got hard, and it did many times, was to just keep walking, keep faith and when we reached the Cathedral, i felt a massive sense of achievement and very privileged to have had all of these amazing experiences while on pilgrimage.


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Hola Meenakshi – It was great to see you and your Dad on your arrival in Santiago – albeit a bit sodden. It was also fun to hear you hoot with laughter as you told us how the old man had fallen in the patio – poor soul! Hope to see you here in the Holy City some time in the future – hopefully after better weather.



Comment by johnniewalker

Parents get used to being laughed at by our kids…mine still laugh at me! And as you said, most importantly..no injuries, ‘cept perhaps pride. Nice to “hear” your voice here and nice to see you enjoyed it.

Comment by karin

Meenakshi- it’s so great you were able to share this experience with your Dad, and I know it will be a memory you can both treasure in years to come. Who knows what embers have been lit for your future by this joint pilgrimage. Go well both of you.

Comment by Margaret

This is Andy replying on behalf of Meenakshi. Thanks folks, she was really touched to read your comments.

There will be more stories, photos, reflection – and a route report – when I get time.

Comment by pilgrimpace

How nice to read your post, Meenakshi. I’m glad you found the pilgrimage fulfilling. The image of your dad’s flying spectacles made me chuckle, too!

Comment by The Solitary Walker

One minute you’re walking along, the next you’re on your side trying to work out how you got there! No damage done (except possibly to pride) and it was a great comedic moment. As far as I know it’s not on Youtube.

Comment by pilgrimpace

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