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acts of kindness and love

I reflected yesterday on one of the gifts of pilgrimage being the learning to accept adverse situations.

I want to balance this by looking at the positive things that happen on the Camino and how this teaches me some lessons for everyday life.  I am assuming here that good things are to be embraced rather than risen above; the Camino is hard enough anyway.

In posts on the Camino Levante I have written about the unvarying kindness I received as I walked alone for three weeks; gifts of food, invitations into people’s homes, warmth and encouragement.  The pilgrimage with Meenakshi a few weeks ago was much smaller but we found some of these moments that kept us going.  Sheltering in the tunnel on that last soaking day

we read prayers glued to the wall.

Whichever anonymous pilgrim or amigo had done this gave us a real boost.

I was glad we stayed at Bruma Albergue on the first night as it gave Meenakshi a chance to meet other pilgrims and experience pilgrim life more deeply.  There were six or seven of us.  As we ate our Menu, we talked deeply with Michel, a French pilgrim walking the Ingles from Betanzos, then from Santiago to the coast at Muxia, and then back to France along the Camino Frances until winter hits the mountains.

We bumped into him once or twice the next day as we arrived in bars for cafe con leche y refrescos y bocadillos.

When we entered the dining room of Hostal Miras for our 9pm feast, there was Michel waiting for us.  We had a real Camino evening of talking over much of life in a coupe of hours and then parted.  When we came down for breakfast there was a packet for us in the bar with a note and a small gift.

Small kindnesses like this make such a difference.  How in our lives everyday can we perform such acts and change lives – and life -for the better?  It may be small, but it may be the seed secretly growing underground or the seed that becomes the tree.


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How kind of Michel. But then I suspect he has received kindnesses and is passing them on, as you and Meenakshi do also.

Comment by Margaret

Wonderfully inspiring and thoughtful posts about your recent pilgrimage, Andy, which you shared in such a special way with your daughter.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

thank you both. It is very good to have the chance to reflect upon and share the experience.


Comment by pilgrimpace

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