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lenten journey – four
February 29, 2012, 2:56 pm
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Closing the Door


Across the world

hatred, hunger,

death, disease.


In the street

lost, damaged,

shouting angry pain.


Those we depend


choose the wrong side.


I come inside

close the door

and you are watching me

curled on your cross

on the wall.


Slow work

of  sacrifice and love.


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I do like this, but I think the parts of your poems which etch themselves the most deeply into memorability are the less abstract, more concrete bits, e.g. the image of the rowing boat in ‘Once’, or, here, the image of Christ curled on His Cross. Hope you don’t mind the micro-analysis! (And ‘Slow work / of sacrifice and love’ is great, I think.)

‘No ideas but in things.’ WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS

‘Go in fear of abstractions.’ EZRA POUND

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert – very happy for all criticism. I think you’re right on this, and it is useful to bear in mind as the voice develops. My first degree was philosophy, but I find now I only get on with grounded contextual theology, novels and poetry. Another journey I’m part way through!


Comment by pilgrimpace

and travel and nature books

Comment by pilgrimpace

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