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lenten journey – eleven
March 17, 2012, 10:17 am
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Whoever you are: in the evening step out
of your room, where you know everything;
yours is the last house before the far-off:
whoever you are.
With your eyes, which in their weariness
barely free themselves from the worn-out threshold,
you lift very slowly one black tree
and place it against the sky: slender, alone.
And you have made the world. And it is huge
and like a word which grows ripe in silence.
And as your will seizes on its meaning,
tenderly your eyes let go. . . .
– Rainer Maria Rilke 

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Well, I’m sure you expected me to love this one … That idea of us all being part of creation, and recreation, and the recognition of the importance of words and silence, and the celebration of mystery, and the going beyond willed meaning…

I must do something with this poem on my new blog! Thanks for reminding me of it, Andy.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

it’s fantastic isn’t it! I like also the invitation to make creation out of exhaustion (so often the lot of the parish priest!) and the exhortation to get off my backside and step outside.

And thankyou for your new blog (‘words and silence’ in the bar to the left,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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