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for May Day

A day to remember who we are, where our roots are, why solidarity is so precious, to enjoy ourselves, and to renew ourselves for future struggle.

This piece, quoted by Richard Mabey in The Unofficial Countryside sums up so much:

I have seen three city girls sent crazy-drunk in springtime by the unknown, unexpected sight and smell of Council-laid-out beds of tossing daffodils, so that they rushed at them and picked them and threw them all in the air, like an ecstatic puppy in one’s arms will gobble up a bunch of violets, quite out of their senses – or maybe at last in them.

I have seen children in a park warned off from picking blossom, encouraged by a sympathetic adult to pick the dandelions that grew among the grass, thinking that was safe for them.  But I saw the dandelions whipped away by an outraged keeper who scourged them with withering words, and then before the children’s agonised eyes, rammed the flowers into a rubbish bin, smashing them down righteously to make sure they could not be rescued or revived.

The children of Council estates cannot keep animals, and cannot grow flowers.  I am sure children need to have fingers in soil, and their eyes looking into an animal’s, or a bird’s eyes.  These children are dissociated from the universe, and the rhythm of the universe.

– Leila Berg Look at Kids

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A great quote. See you later, I’m Camino bound …

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Good man! I’m jealous – although there is a pilgrimage in the offing

Comment by pilgrimpace

Great quote and very appropriate! Thanks.

Comment by dianajhale

Thanks Diana – and welcome to pilgrimpace,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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