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roads to santiago

I’ve just finished reading Cees Nooteboom’s wonderful Roads to Santiago.  This is a stunning book. Read it if you love Spain, love pilgrimage, love reading, love life.  It is not a guide to the Camino de Santiago and it is not an account of a straightforward pilgrimage.  But it is such a deep exploration of the Camino and Spain and pilgrimage.

Here’s a flavour:

“Introspection – could it be that you turn further and further inward so that, even if the roads lead south or west, you feel as if you are plumbing the depths of a country’s soul, and that you will find something there that you will never find anywhere else, however widely you travel?  This affair spans forty years and, along with writing, it is the most constant feature of my life.  And it is physical, too: a year without the emptiness of this land, without the colours of the earth and the rocks is a year lost.

“Ten years ago I resolved to drive to Santiago, and so, eventually, I did – not once but several times – but because I had not written about it, I still hadn’t really been there.  There was always something else that needed thinking or writing about, a landscape, a road, a monastery, a writer or a painter, and yet it seemed as if all those landscapes, all those stories of Moors and kings and pilgrims, all my own memories as well as the written memoirs of others pointed steadily in the same direction, to the place where Spain and oceanic west come together, to the city which, in all its Galician aloofness, is the true capital of Spain.”

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Seems like that’s another book for me to order then..!

Comment by The Solitary Walker

I’ll be reading it again,


Comment by pilgrimpace

Dear Andy,
Just arrived to your blog thru the kiwinomad´s. I´m Cris, from Buenos Aires-Argentina. I walked 13 days last Sep-Oct from Leon to Santiago and just a couple of days ago, a deep feeling that I need to set out on the whole Camino pilgrimage has enrooted in my soul… you can see… midnight in my place and reading Camino blogs…
I´ll come later to read more here.
Receive a warm hug,

Comment by Cris M

Thank you Cris and welcome to the blog. Sorry not to reply sooner – I have been away for a few days. Keep dreaming those Camino dreams and let me know if you have any questions

Comment by pilgrimpace

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