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from my front door – middle march
August 17, 2012, 10:43 am
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I’ve a bit of holiday at the moment which I’m taking at home.  As well as enjoying time with my family and catching up on sleep and rest, I’ve been inspired to start a pilgrimage from home, walking in daily sections, using the bus and train to get home, visiting places in which “prayer has been valid”.

I have a good idea of my final destination and of many of the places I will visit on the way

although I will develop this as I go.  I am hoping to make a journey where there are a mixture of walking styles, slow and fast, long and short days, times of going off the beaten track and making detours, seeing what is over the hill.  This may take some time.

I began three days ago, on a hot humid day walking to Lapworth through tunnels of green

‘Four Quartets’, sandwiches and a stove and tea makings in my pack.  There was a pause at the Blue Bell Cider House for a pint that was of lumenscent orange, matching the dragonflies sporting over the water.  I hoped to get to Baddesley Clinton to see the priest holes again where Catholic clergy hid during persecution but timing meant stopping at Lapworth so I could get the train home.

the name is a camino reminder

I will pick up the trail soon and report back.

And I need a name for this pilgrimage…

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The walk from the front door is the finest kind of walk, be it pilgimmage, or secular. I used to live on a narrowboat moored on the Thames in Oxford and a walk along the towpath was such a joy.
This is a lovely idea for some posts. I know that it’s nowhere near you but, incidentally, have you ever been to Madron Well, Cornwall?: http://www.cornwalls.co.uk/history/sites/madron_well.htm

Comment by johnfield1

thanks John. I’ve never been to Madron Well – I’ll definitely go when I’m in the South West.

Comment by pilgrimpace

Brilliant idea! Brummie is certainly a lot easier than Spanish (or is it?) Love that tunnel of green, and the Blue Bell Cider House sounds a treat!

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert – still sweating over Spanish; I need to get to reasonable conversational and will keep going! It’s good to be able to do a series of day walks (which may last a long time) and link up a lot of local areas.

Comment by pilgrimpace

It seems to be a beautiful jorney, no matter how far is from your door. What matter is the calling of your soul. I´d call it The Camino of Green (not so original, isn´t it?). And what about the Umbria region for next year? Siammo tutto buona gente, capisce? Hope to find you there speaking a good italian language and singing “Volare”.

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

El Caminho Verde? I’ll try it out, although it might just be the Midland Walk!

I don’t have any Italian. I am still trying to learn Spanish properly!


Comment by pilgrimpace

Hmmm I dunno, how ’bout just your very own Middlemarch?? Sorry couldn’t resist that one!!

Comment by karin

Brilliant! I’m not going to Coventry, at least on this expedition, but Middle March it is.

Comment by pilgrimpace

[…]  It was time to put the walking shoes on, to put food and water in the rucksack, to take up the Middle March again, to walk into the […]

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