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by the Sierra de Mugron
August 31, 2012, 11:04 am
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By the Sierra de Mugron

photo from wikipedia commons


this is the place

of love and space


on this high plain

scanning sky

as if it were my soul


today is the test

the tipping point


I repack the rucksack,

each thing in its accustomed place


that simplicity

seeming to reflect

a certain precision in the walking


another draft poem to share with you and I’d be grateful for your comments.  This is an attempt at distillation of a pivotal and hard day during the solitary first weeks of walking the Camino de Levante in 2009.


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I still remember the day you told me about this adventure through The Empty Space surrounded by nothing, 30 miles or so, hot water to drink… a day to remember as a proof for surpass each and any kind of hardness.

Comment by José Carlos da Costa

yes, that was quite a day! I think 27 miles and very hot. I had been ill, but took a rest by the mountain, sitting on a rock eating plums and chocolate and decided I could get to the end – of the day and to Santiago!


Comment by pilgrimpace

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