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revolution of love
December 20, 2012, 5:56 pm
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By 1948, according to the available evidence, Dorothy Day, a treasonous, muck-raking, anarchistic jailbird, was a principal partisan and theoretician in just such a revolution.  It was a revolution that Jacques Maritain splendidly describes in The Peasant of the Garrone, at the root of which ‘there is something so profound in the soul that one does not know how to express it – let us say it is a simple refusal, a total, stable, supremely active refusal to accept things as they are.  This act has to do with a fact, an existential fact: things as they are are intolerable.  In the reality of existence, the world is infected with lying, injustice, wickedness, distress and misery; creation has been corrupted by sin to such an extent that in the very marrow of his soul, the saint refuses to accept it as it is.  Evil – I mean the power of sin, and the universal suffering which it drags in its wake – evil is such that the only thing the saint has immediately at hand to oppose it totally, and that intoxicates the saint with liberty, exultation, and love, is to give everything, to abandon everything, the sweetness of the world, and what is good, what is better, and what is delectable and permitted, and more than anything, himself, in order to be free to be with God.  To do this is to be totally stripped and given over in order to seize the power of the cross: it is to die for those he loves.  This is a flash of intuition and will above any order of human morality.  Once the soul has been touched in flight by this burning wing, it becomes a stranger everywhere.  It can fall in love with things; never will it take repose in them.

I am reading On Pilgrimage, Dorothy Day’s diary for 1948.  This passage is from the Foreword by Michael O Garvey.  I think the question to ask here is ‘What is the most important thing in your life?’ Don’t be satisfied with an answer unless it is completely and disturbingly satisfying.  Then live the revolutionary love.


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What better way to start a new year than to ask ourselves “What is the most important thing in (our) lives?”. And what a great notion……completely and disturbingly satisfying.

Comment by johnbromford

thanks John – and a happy new year of living the questions,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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