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deeper winter
January 21, 2013, 6:50 pm
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Across the black sky of early morning
above the dark shining snow
waves of gulls
swoop to the south


The Stratford Upon Avon Canal, Brandwood

bicycle tracks
in fresh snow
on the towpath
next to the frozen canal

Kings Norton Junction House

Kings Norton Junction House

Having cleared the entrances to Church of snow

ready for the funeral – and glad I did not have to dig the grave –

I walk this familiar route from home


walking through muffled silence

the River Rea

the River Rea, Lifford

the unfrozen corner of the compensation reservoir
crowded with mallard and coot
the heron swooping low
disturbing the gulls that were walking
on the grey green ice
frosted with a hint of snow
and veined like an Anna Atkins cyanotype

Lindsworth Reservoir

Lindsworth Reservoir

the bare frozen branches
of the ornamental cherries
covered in rime
looking, for a moment,
as if they have leaves of cloud

chemical works

chemical works

in the lying snow
crows rooting busily
– and threateningly –
through the debris
of front lawns


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A totally lovely post, Andy. Love the still, monochrome beauty of the photos.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

thanks Robert – a perfect day for photography, and the words are the fruit of the small stones I’ve been writing with http://www.writingourwayhome.com/ this month. Really enjoying this – being simple, concentrating on what is.

I think I’ll have a go at documenting this short walk (half an hour circle from my house) in other seasons.


Comment by pilgrimpace

This is beautiful… romantic even. I love the photos too. 😉
Sorry about adding a link but Mine is here: http://positivekismet.blogspot.com/2013/01/musings-haiku-small-stones-at-dusk.html

Comment by eof737

thanks Eliz! and no problem about posting the link


Comment by pilgrimpace

Love the photos, Andy, as well as the fine poem constructed with your stone fragments.

Comment by George

thanks George,


Comment by pilgrimpace

Lovely poem and photos. I a happy to have found your blog and want to ‘walk ‘ around a bit when I have more time to enjoy!

Comment by WabiSabi

thanks and welcome! And I’ll be looking around yours too


Comment by pilgrimpace

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