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lenten journey 3
February 16, 2013, 10:15 am
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walking in mindful silence

try to make some space to walk on your own or in silence with another

try to really see

to listen

to feel and smell


you might like to listen to Radio 4’s Ramblings programme on walking silently here

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Comment by Val

Thanks Val


Comment by pilgrimpace

Life can’t bee too much different where you are, but in Los Angeles you have to intentionally seek silence because it is so desperately hard to find, though inner silence is quite often a thing to be feared and avoided. We’re shrink-wrapped and barrier-protected from the world. General revelation is for wall photos, Facebook posts, “someday,” and sporadic vacations. If people won’t look up from their phone and tablet screens to actually see life and the world, it’s something at least to sneak onto that screen to remind them that maybe, just maybe, they should.

Comment by Val

Thanks Val – yes!

Comment by pilgrimpace

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