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lent journey 13

Phew!!!!  A technical glitch yesterday meant I thought this blog had been deleted for an unknown contravention of WordPress’ Terms of Service.  Normal service is now resumed, but this makes me think two things.

Firstly, this blog tries to share things which have struck me which I hope others find useful.  If anyone ever thinks I am posting things I should not, please send me a Comment and I will deal with it straight away.

Secondly, a realisation of how much I enjoy this blog.  However, this may be another moment to ask you the question of whether it should continue.  Has Pilgrimpace run its course?  Let me know if you have any strong feelings.

I’m currently enjoying reading Nicholas Crane’s Clear Waters Rising.  I will post a more detailed review when I get time, but in the meantime enjoy this:

By the fourth day in Gavarnie my sleeping-bag was dry and the clouds had moved on.  With a pan de paysan jammed in the top of my rucksack, I walked up to the church.  As I sat in the cool shadows a man with heavy spectacles emerged from a door beside the altar and sat at the organ.  He let his fingers wander to and fro across the keys, picking  up bars from Satie to Schubert while sunlight played beyond the open door on the geraniums and the graves and the birds chirruped a chorus.  In this exquisite moment it occurred to me that beauty cannot be sought; one simply has to put oneself in the way of its whims, and wait.


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I enjoy dipping in and finding a great mixture of known and unfamiliar poems, texts and meditations.

I say carry on the good work!

Comment by Marion

Thanks Marion! I’ve had quite a few ‘likes’ for this post too, so the blog goes on ….


Comment by pilgrimpace

You have reminded me it is time to re-read Crane’s book, I enjoyed it so much the first time, he carries 3 socks and rotates one each night, he eats very little, bread, cheese, sausage, a little wine to drink (like the old pilgrims). I enjoy the poems and reflection and pass them on to our Parish website team, so Please keep writing. I write a blog on winter sea swimming and sometimes wonder why? I enjoy it..that is simply reason enough.

Comment by unadara

I think you asked this once before, and you know my feelings, Andy: first of all, you enjoy it, and that’s reason enough. But we enjoy it too, and I think that’s clear. But it’s also beyond simple ‘enjoyment’. I think your blog’s got something important and valuable to say, and as such has a certain permanence — not a word often encountered in the frivolous, superficial cyber-world.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

thank you both. Right, no more messing about, let’s carry on enjoying deeply!


Comment by pilgrimpace

And, like unadara, I enjoyed Crane’s book too — amazing to think he did that mammoth walk just after getting married, I believe.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

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