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sheep in the hedge
July 6, 2013, 12:00 pm
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This is no mild and never-never sheep 
but a heavy wild thing, mad with fright, 
catapulting at you from a noose of brambles, 
hurtling back into worse frenzy of tangles.  
Don’t imagine you are welcome.
Don’t expect gratitude.
That woolly maniac would hate you 
if she had any consciousness to spare 
from panic.  She can see sideways.  
There is too much world forcing itself 
through slit eyes into her dim brain – 
a spiky overpowering pattern of thorns. 

Now, worst of all, she suffers the sight of you 
(no doubt malevolent) hideously near, 
touching her!  She wrenches, rips, breaks out, 
knocks you into the hedge and is away, 
her plump bedraggled body jogging down the road 
full-pelt on sticks of legs, pert hooves.  You are left 
to mop your dripping scratches and stitch up 
the tatters of your good intentions.

Ruth Bidgood

It is Ordination season in Church at the moment – I am very much looking forward to my colleague Kate Pearson being ordained priest at Birmingham Cathedral in a week.  I was reminded of this fine poem and the bearing it might have on priesthood by Alison Joyce.  There is a very good Ordination Sermon by Alison here.

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