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on the volcano
August 2, 2013, 12:35 pm
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Was it a good idea to do this?  The late July heat bounced off the bare grey rock into our faces.  Pieces of sharp stone found their way into our sandals.  The water, which had been frozen in the morning was now tepid and did not refresh.  Yet, more than the summer discomfort, this was a live volcano.  Often the stink of sulphur took over from the sweetness of the herbs growing below us in the rich soil.  Fresh in our minds were the ruins of Pompeii below us, the city destroyed rapidly by Vesuvius, which the Roman rescuers could not find because it was completely buried in an utterly strange landscape.  Those haunting figures of people overcome by gas, buried in ash.


There was much to ponder here about the human relationship with nature.  So often we appear to live in a world where we are in control.  Here, the scientists monitor the volcano but no one can stop its power.  It was sobering to look down on Napoli, on the millions of people living in the shadow of the volcano.



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Well you wouldnt have got me to the top I dont like heights .

Comment by caroline wood

I’m not great with heights, but was fine there!

Comment by pilgrimpace

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