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October 28, 2013, 3:28 pm
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At Glasshampton on Saturday, the Franciscan Companions Group spent the day reflecting on Rule of Life and came up with this corporate one.

For me, it is something very important about indicating a shape of life and in pointing out the road ahead for the immediate future.


Birmingham Franciscan Companions

Rule of Life

I shall aim regularly to:

1   Pray to God daily.

2   Read some verses of the Bible each day.

3   Attend the Eucharist regularly, especially on Sunday, and on other days when suitable.

4   Live a life of reflection, being aware of what is good and bad in my life.  To be ready to forgive and receive forgiveness.  If necessary to seek counsel and absolution.

5   Devote some portion of my money, on a systematic and thought out plan, for the help of the needy and the work of God’s Church.

6   Be ready to undertake some service for others in the sphere of my life and work.

7  Live a simple life, avoiding waste and extravagance, trying to spend my money in a way that does not harm others.

8   Deepen my knowledge of God and my faith through religious reading retreats and conferences as opportunity allows.

9  Have proper and regular times of rest and recreation.

10  Show Christ to others by the way I live my life and relate to them.

11  Pray for the Franciscan Family, especially for the First and Second Orders, and for my sister and brother Companions.

12  Review my rule of life on or about the feast of St. Francis (October 4th) each year.


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Really glad to have found this. my own prayer has been transformed in recent years by walking out along a canal for an hour with my dog every morning. It has to be at the same time so I walk in darkness in winter, in light in summer & experience the change from dark to light around the equinoxes. Sometimes the walk is easy & sometimes hard. Glasshampton is a place I know well. What riches you found together when you met there. I hope we meet some time.

Comment by stephencwinter

Thank you Stephen – welcome! That pattern of walking and praying sounds wonderful – unfortunately I do not get that regularity and all it brings.

I don’t know if you might like this piece I wrote on walking and praying:


Hope we bump into each other at Glasshampton one day


Comment by pilgrimpace

Wonderfull timing to stumble upon this when I’m reflecting on developing a personal rule of life
Thank you

Comment by portiasc

I’m really glad you found this at the right time,


Comment by pilgrimpace

I am considering to become a companion of the society of St, Francis,so I was delighted to find this site

Comment by Barry Leach

welcome Barry. Let me know if I can help with anything

Comment by pilgrimpace

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