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nature – catch up

Life seems to have been full recently, largely for good reasons, but I’ve not posted as much as I wanted to here.

There are a few interesting things on nature and nature writing that are on my pile of things to be read or shared.

Firstly is this fascinating couple of essays by Stephen Poole and Richard Mabey on the nature of nature writing and whether it is escapist whimsy or something more important.  This is really important for me – it is more than something I do in my leisure time and has deep connections to human wholeness and health with a lot to say to life in multiply deprived areas of the city.  This piece by Leonardo Boff suggests answers this question – as well as considerable work and struggle.

I have a number of books to read when there is time.


The New English Landscape is by Ken Worpole with photography by my good friend Jason Orton.  Details about it are on this blog.  I’m really looking forward to spending time reading it.  I will post a proper reflection on it soon.


As part of the Birmingham Literature Festival a few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon walking part of an urban river with the poet and bird watcher Matt Merritt.  This was excellent – especially with the chance to see how bird watchers experience nature with a focussed looking and listening that is different to my usual way of being.  There may be a poem on this in the pipeline.

I’ve long wanted to increase my ornithological knowledge.  Matt was kind enough to recommend the two books in the photo above which I am also looking forward to spending time dipping into during the coming months.

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