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boxing day

A good Boxing Day.  After Christmas services finish, I am in an advanced state of slump.  Time to start again today.  I’ve been for a walk from home, enjoying the sun breaking through the morning fog, walking along the River Rea and the canals.  Stopping to join other walkers as we first heard and then saw a great spotted woodpecker in the trees, it’s feathers shining red backlit in the low winter sun.


The walking giving space for reflecting and praying.  I’m really relishing the prospect of some time to think more deeply about some of the saints and patterns of spirituality which uphold me here.

Home and some reading.  Enjoying Jason Orton and Ken Worpole’s ‘The New English Landscape’ which is getting me into mulling over the place in which I live and making new connections, and continuing Dickens’ ‘Dombey and Son’ put down over the summer and picked up afresh now winter is here (I think Dickens needs to be read on dark winter nights).

Picking over my walking kit in anticipation of a pilgrimage and retreat in a few weeks with a group of friends, and now time to go to the kitchen and cook the Christmas Dinner.

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