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I’ve been listening to the radio and looking out of the window a lot the last few days as I recover from a very heavy Christmas Cold.  Good things to listen to.  David Almond celebrated Clive King’s classic book Stig of the Dump, which was a firm favourite with me.  I was full of memory of what seemed to be the wild places where I grew up – the thickets on the edge of the Hill where the crude spirit drinkers slept; the bomb sites; the bank next to school where in spring there were sticky buds so strong that no boy could break them off.  Listen again here.

Robert Macfarlane celebrated Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain here, one of the great books about nature and landscape, not least because it gets us away from conquest and possession and being first to the top.  I’ll read it again this year, and most importantly, it will spur me to get outside more – as soon as this cold is over.

As well as these outdoor Radio 4 programmes, World Service’s World Book Club this coming Saturday is on Pat Barker’s Regeneration.  I’ll be listening to this keenly – this great novel, drawing on the carnage of the First World War has a vast amount to say to anyone who has anything to do with suffering, love and healing.


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Oh yes I used to love Stig of the Dump, I’ll go and have a listen. I do like Radio 4. Some of their programme are just excellent. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

Comment by Sophie Cussen

thanks Sophie. Yes, it’s sent me back to read it again. Feeling much better now thanks,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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