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camino retreat – ¿la lluvia?
February 17, 2014, 2:26 pm
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Tuesday 4th February was an epic day.  Fortified by chocalate y churros (and in my case caffeinated), we followed our Camino Retreat pattern of beginning with a reflection, something to pray and chew over while we walked.  If possible, we would have a few stations along the way where a poem would add to this.  We reflected on Jesus coming to the disciples in the locked room after the Resurrection, on peace, on barriers.

The first stage of the Camino Ingles from Coruna to Bruma is long.  Our consensus was to take a taxi to Porzago.  This cut off the walk out of Coruna, and made the distance manageable for us all (about 30km).  Looking back, this was a very wise decision.

The taxi driver warned us that we would not be able to go much further if we were heading for the coast.  We were headed inland.  There was a peaceful first hour or so without much rain.


This was the only outside photo I could take that day, as we walked towards O Burgo along the river bank in the dawn.

The storm came.  At lunchtime we burst through the doors of a bar into a warm, dry room.  The owner was sorry that the caldo was not ready, but she would cook us what she had.  Plate after plate of eggs, chorizo, fried potato and salad was brought from the kitchen, accompanied by very good local wine.

London Coruña Henna 040

The intrepid pilgrims go out into the rain.

As we walked on, the storm became worse.  Watching the news later, we discovered it had a name.  The local schools were all closed, ships were breaking up at sea, coastal buildings destroyed.

The stage ends with a long steep climb up the hill to Bruma.  We got the full force.  Our waterproofs were overwhelmed; the world shrinking to what I could see with my head right down, hood around me, visor low, keeping at least a little of the freezing rain and hail out of my face, trying not to think of the water stinking of pig slurry sloshing into my boots.  These were the worst conditions on the Camino any of us had walked in.  At the top of the hill, the wind tore into us.  Those wearing ponchos found they acted as sails, almost pushing them into pools of pig water.  We were winter pilgrims.  A couple of us said – at the same time – that we were secretly enjoying it.  We were fit enough.  We were booked into a hostal that was close.

We reached the road and walked along it towards Meson de Vento.  Stumbling through a village, we saw a bar and sat in the blessed dry, refreshing and recovering.


Winter Pilgrims who have arrived – with Happy Drinks

It would have been stupid to go on; we would have got cold very quickly walking that last half hour.  Antonio from O Meson Novo came to pick us up.  Hot showers, dry clothes, wet clothes drying absolutely everywhere, more good food, conversation and stories, a good sleep.  An epic day!

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Yet… you all managed to smile… thank you for describing so nicely being a Winter pilgrim… I reflect once more how important are the eyes thru we look at things…
Thank you for some others wonderful Camino spirit posts.

Warm hugs,
Cris M

Comment by Cris M

Thank you Cris – we really enjoyed it. But maybe it was best it was a short Camino!


Comment by pilgrimpace

[…] soaked to the skin by rain and snow on the first day of the Camino Retreat.  You can read about it here.  Somewhere is a video of me trying to put my waterproofs on as the snow became […]

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