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camino retreat – arriving
February 24, 2014, 5:43 pm
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When we woke up on Thursday, I did wonder if it would have been better to have brought bog snorkling equipment rather than walking gear.  The next of this winter’s extraordinary sequence of storms had arrived.

Fortified by breakfast and reflecting on the Road to Emmaus, with its themes of brokenness, hope and joy, we stepped out into the wet.  Our original plan was to be driven back to Sigueiro and start from there; the weather was too bad; a couple of us had injuries – a damaged shoulder and chest, skinned heels.  We set off from where we were.


The rain and wind were apocalyptic.  Just once the rain stopped enough to risk the camera.  Fortunately the route on this final day of walking has changed since I last walked it.  It now takes you well away from the main road which would have been awful in these conditions.

We stopped to warm up with cola-cao on the outskirts of Santiago.  A few minutes from the centre we passed our hotel, the excellent Girasol, and dropped our stuff off.  Those who were soaked through found dry-ish clothes, and we walked the Cathedral




Mike and I are immune to tempestas as we celebrate arriving.

Entering the familiar atmosphere of the Cathedral, we found silence amongst the bustle (although the weather meant only nine other pilgrims arrived that day), praying before the altar and the saint.


Welcomed into the Pilgrim Office by our good friend John, warmed up with an excellent dinner at the Girasol with John and the Big Man, a long siesta, another dinner, and then …

an extraordinarily rich couple of days …


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