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the road to santiago

I was just sitting down to write a post about our time in Santiago when the doorbell rang.  It was the postman with a parcel from South Africa.  I knew what was in it.

One of the best books on the Camino is Walter Starkie’s The Road to Santiago (other personal favourites include Jennifer Lash’s On Pilgrimage and Cees Nooteboom’s Roads to Santiago – I’d love to know what your’s are – especially if I find something I’ve not yet read).  Starkie’s book was published in 1957 and is relatively hard to get hold of.  I found one in a second hand shop.

Sylvia Nilsen, a pilgrim from South Africa who contributes a great deal to pilgrimage not least through her Amawalker blog, put a photo of her copy on Facebook.  It had a beautiful dustcover.  I commented that mine had lost it.  Sylvia colour photocopied it and sent it to me.  Wonderful!


and the post about what happened when the Merry Band of Pilgrims got to Santiago will follow soon ….

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that Sil, ever thoughtful!

Comment by rebrites

Yes – the wonderful kindness of so many pilgrim people

Comment by pilgrimpace

Must admit I’ve not read many books on the camino. I did thoroughly enjoy Bettina Selby’s Pilgrim’s Road though. She undertook it as it was nice to have a predetermined journey she could follow, but she ended up being quite moved by the whole trip in a spiritual sense. (Beware: the copy I have was self-published and as such is terribly edited, with all sorts of grammatcial and typographical errors – if this kind of thing annoys, I reccommend you avoid the self-published version
Also, my brother walked it a few years – but he’s barely ever talked about it. Weird.

Comment by linesoflandscape

That is so typical of Syl. She has to be the most generous and thoughtful person I know.

Comment by jenny

thanks everyone. I haven’t come across the Selby book and will look out for it


Comment by pilgrimpace

My favourite is Walking the Camino by Tony Kevin. He is an Australian author and refers back to Australian issues a lot. I read this before I went to Spain in 2009 but unfortunately never quite achieved the rhythm of walking that he talks about. Belinda

Comment by Belinda Cole

Thanks – I’ll look out for it

Hope all goes well,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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