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camino retreat – in santiago

An extraordinary day, adding to the depth we had encountered in the walking and fellowship.


Our Merry Band was given wonderful hospitality by the Cathedral.  We were invited to have an Anglican Eucharist in one of the Chapels.  By wonderful serendipity, it was the Chapel of San Andres – taking us back to our beginning at Teixedo.  This tough and rugged saint was a very suitable patron for the week.

During the Eucharist, we continued to reflect upon our theme of the Gospel Journeys and how our own journeys weave into them.  We heard TS Eliot’s Journey of the Magi

A cold coming we had of it

just at the worse time of year

and thought about what it might mean to arrive in this luxury of a couple of days of gift, grace and space.  We prayed through the suffering and difficulty we encounter in our own lives – all very committed to serving others in different ways – and in the world, and how pilgrimage might be a strengthening of love and compassion rather than a turning away.


After Mass, some of us walked through Santiago to Sar, to the Church of Santa Maria la Real, a Romanesque gem.  We rested in the silence of the interior lit up and warmed by hundreds of candles from the Festival of San Blas a day or two before.  On the way up the hill we drank Estrella Galicia in a small bar where men played poker.

I was woken sharply from siesta by condensation dripping on my head.  When Mike took the mickey out of me, Buddha fell on his.

We were asked to return to the Cathedral for the evening Mass and were taken to special seats in the Sanctuary and welcomed by Dean Segundo.  We were extremely close to the Botafumeiro.


Then off for more.  Dinner at the Gondola with wonderful food and wine, and then a quemada at the end, the incantation specially written by John to reflect our journey.


A day so full of gift, and we were not finished yet …


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Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for whatever magic you wove… A guy called Federico emailed me who manages “CaminoArtes” in Palencia. My course director is in the process of organising a concert that we will sing either in Fromista or Carilon de los Condes, this June. Youpie! I’ll be walking the Camino del Norte for a month or so, doing autoethnographic research on pilgrimage, spiritual poverty and performance of sacred music, for my Masters thesis. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again!

Lucy (wildgoose)

Comment by Lucy

excellent! I can imagine how that particular piece of magic was worked. Keep us posted

Comment by pilgrimpace

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