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April 13, 2014, 5:11 pm
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On my last shift

working with street homeless people

in the middle of the night

– I was leaving to go to Seminary –

James invited me to sit with him

in his doorway on the Strand.


I brought hot sweet tea and cigarettes

that we smoked together in silence

as we thought and I drank in

the sharp tang of London

before the street was washed,

the chill of stone through cardboard mat.


It was then that James began to speak,

reciting in German

The Eighth Duino Elegy

and I nursed my tea, crying at the gift,

this strange beauty carrying me on through the future

tying knots of love to the past.


noch einmal zeigt, sich wendet, anhalt, weilt – ,

so leben wir und nehmen immer Abscheid.


he turns, stops there, he lingers –

so we live on, forever bidding goodbye.


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I really liked this, Andy.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert, I appreciate that,


Comment by pilgrimpace

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