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A beautiful couple of days to help build up the foundations that underpin the practice of love here.

I went to Yorkshire.  I took my father in law back to Leeds – he’d been staying with us for a few days for a wedding.  I then headed off into the Dales.  One of the fruits of my recent research into the Carmelite Mystics has been building new friendships.  One of these has been with one of the nuns at a Carmel there.  We spent a chunk of the afternoon talking and laughing about the deep and important things.  I have some more shape and support in my praying and reading.

And then to the city of Bradford to see Gordon Dey, the remarkable outer estate priest who has developed Jesus Shaped People, the way of reshaping the life and culture of these parishes that we are benefitting from so much here.  After wonderful hospitality, we went to a meeting of Welfare Reform Impact Bradford where it was inspiring to hear local activists here about the effects that the reforms are having on local people, and what is being done to change hearts and minds about this.

Next day was a gathering of clergy from the churches in Bradford which have done Jesus Shaped People.  Rather than meet on an estate we went here



although heavy rain kept us inside admiring the view.

It was good for me to meet with others in similar situations, to reflect together on our ministry, to see how JSP is working in practice in other parishes, to pray and think together, to see the wonderful creative and loving energy of some very impressive colleagues.  I have a great deal to reflect and ponder upon in the coming days.

And then back home and into work today, May 8th, the Feast of St Julian of Norwich


Here is a Collect for her by Janet Morley:

Christ our true mother,
you have carried us within you, laboured with us,
and brought us to bliss.
Enclose us in your care,
that in stumbling we may not fall,
nor be overcome by evil,
but know that all shall be well. Amen

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Julian of Norwich must have been, I think, a very wise woman.

Comment by nickc

Definitely. Her Revelations of Divine Love are well worth reading if you haven’t seen them.


Comment by pilgrimpace

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