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the old man of the moss

The plan was to spend this week walking up Offa’s Dyke with Roland to Holywell.  Unfortunately, Roland slipped a disc while walking to Lourdes a few weeks ago and walking was off for the time being.  Fortunately he injured himself just outside of St Jean Pied de Port, was wonderfully cared for in the Albergue Beilari (formerly Esprit de Chemin) and is now home.  He was even well enough to visit Lourdes and buy me this exceptional Holy Water container on the way


My inner pedant wonders if Bernadette heard French or perhaps Que soy era Immaculada Conceptiou?  At the same time, can I bring myself to uncrown Our Lady to get to the water?


In the meantime, I have had a couple of days walking.  My good friend Mark was free.  We had unfinished business with The Two Saints Way (the pilgrimage route from Lichfield to Chester), so we met at Stoke Railway Station on Monday morning.

We started walking from Audley and headed for Nantwich in wonderful late spring weather.

We stopped for lunch at Englesey Brook, the birthplace of Primitive Methodism


where we encountered the the first of a rather magnificent series of signs




(I forgot to photograph the one which seemed to suggest that the cottage on the other side of the fence would reward you with £30 if you brought some pooh)

The route took us around the edge of Wybunbury Moss, an area of thin peat covering thirty meters of water.  We picked our way gingerly, following the path, making for the high ground marked by the tower of St Chad’s Church (underpinned by Trubshaw in 1832 using the technique that later stabilised a certain tower in Pisa).  As we poked our way through, we saw a braver person than us, a vertiable Old Man of the Moss,in the middle.

Did we make it to Nantwich?  Did we reach Chester?

A more sensible report of this pilgrimage soon.


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Well, did you? I await episode 2 with baited breath.

Comment by nickc

It doesn’t need to be more sensible you know. I quite like this style of reporting.

Comment by Margaret

I liked this very much, sensible or not!

Comment by The Solitary Walker

thanks everyone! The next instalment is brewing. Did I live to tell the tale?

Comment by pilgrimpace

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