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July 12, 2014, 1:11 pm
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I found I had broken into a grin as the Hill came into view through the car window.  A few minutes later, my boots were on, a daysack was on my back, and I was climbing the paths to the top.


This was a chance to be healed by walking hard through some beauty, to make sense of the last weeks, to walk out some contradictions and questions, to plod into deeper trust.


Just after this photograph was what I first thought was a cloud of flies.  As I got into them (it wasn’t possible to go round them) I realised they were bees swarming.  Perhaps I need some lessons from Father Ted on perspective.  I react quite badly to bee stings, but got through OK.


At the top I sat and took in the view, eating my sandwiches (tuna and onion).


Later I spent time standing still watching a yellowhammer singing from a fence top – it definitely is A little bit of bread and no cheese as the sayings suggest.

At the bottom I refreshed myself with a pint of Otter Seville Bitter – the hint of orange surprisingly good – before contouring around the hillside to the car.  Entering some woods for a couple of minutes I saw what I assume was a green woodpecker.  It was the right shape and size, and flew like a woodpecker, but seemed to be brown.  This may have been the light.  Could it have been anything else?


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Bees really don’t want to sting you. They die if they do. They only do it if there is no alternative, and generally to protect their young. When swarming, bees have no young and are thus very unlikely to sting you. But I agree that all the information in the world doesn’t help if your body reacts badly, or if the bees haven’t read the books!

Comment by Margaret

Thanks Margaret. Yes – I wasn’t too worried. I walked through them slowly and calmly. My main concern was that I swell up badly if stung and that it would have taken me quite a bit of time to get to a chemist.

Comment by pilgrimpace

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