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advent journey – gaze
December 12, 2014, 1:33 pm
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'Jesus on the Soup Line'. Mural at the Catholic Worker House in Los Angeles by Gary Palmentier

‘Jesus on the Soup Line’. Mural at the Catholic Worker House in Los Angeles by Gary Palmentier

Advent is a season that deals with tough things.  It would be easy and tempting to avert our gaze and hurry on to the joys of Christmas.

But it is important to keep our nerve and to keep our gaze steady.

In the last days we have seen a major report on food poverty in Britain.  It is clear from the report and from living here and knowing those around me, that food poverty has increased massively over the past years.  In short, people are hungry.  Many of these are in work but paid very low wages.

The Churches and many others have stepped in with massive generosity, setting up a raft of formal and informal foodbanks.  Such spirit should be encouraged.  However, as a basic point of justice and human decency, no one should go hungry or have to depend on charity to eat.  Structures need to be changed.  Let’s get on with this too.  Let’s all be hungry for justice.

It is all too easy to avert our gaze from people or situations which disturb us.  An Advent challenge is to pay attention, to give time and energy, even when it might be hopeless.  A good friend near to here as given a great amount of hope to us this Advent by becoming righteously angry about someone being made homeless.  It has tested him to the limit, but he has succeeded in keeping the person housed.

Winter, for me, often means entering into journeys with those who are very ill and their families and loved ones.  If you pray, could you pray for several people here who are very ill and those who care for them.  And for me that I may have the resources, grace and energy.

Let’s keep looking for love, for hope in the darkness.  Let’s keep looking for what we are required to do.  And let’s get on with it.


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