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new years day
January 2, 2015, 3:48 pm
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On New Years Eve I got up exceptionally early in the morning to take Bharti to Heathrow for her flight to India where she is working for six weeks.  This put me out of sync with the day, which, combined with the emotion of it all, meant I slightly strangely slept long and early.

I was up before dawn on New Years Day.  The freezing fog had gone; it was mild, extremely windy and rain was on the way.  I packed my rucksack and drove to Hailes Abbey.  I walked quickly, 15 or so miles, firstly over the tops and then retracing my route but along the bottom of the scarps.  The second part was actually harder going with quite a bit of sticky clingingness.


There were several things involved in this.  It is good to meet the new year with a walk.  I also needed to get some more miles under my belt before I walk in Spain again.  Despite the obligatory twisted ankle, I can declare myself fit for the Camino.

There is also something about walking, thinking and reflecting at the same time.  Is there a connection to tacit knowledge where you learn by doing things with your hands?  Perhaps a variant of it?  Certainly it was good to reflect back on the last year which has been hard and good, laying down the ministry at Weoley Castle for the next person to take on; Meenakshi doing well in exams and going to work in Cambodia for a year; being part of developments of resources to help estate parishes thrive; beginning some writing and reflecting on Santa Teresa that I am proud of and which helps me understand what I do.

There is reflecting on the year to come.  There is plenty to do, building on what has come out of last year.  I walked into the wind feeling elated.  I saw a hundred rooks lift up from a field of sheep, wheeling in the wind.  Trees crackled ominously.

I got home as darkness fell.  I warmed myself with tea and a bath.  I ate vegetarian shepherds pie I had cooked the day before – my favourite and something I will make often this month (my family don’t like it).  At the back of the cupboard was a jar of peaches soaked in brandy.  I stewed them with apples.  It was a pudding of champions to mark the year.


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