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January 9, 2015, 9:00 pm
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We are in Sigueiro after a great week’s walking. Tomorrow Santiago. Many more stories to tell. Does anyone know what these are?


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Looks like two loaves of bread that spent a bit too long in the rucksack!

Comment by rebrites

Haha… Smashed loaves of bread?

Comment by dogtorbill

Could be.
Or Roland’s insole
Or all that was left of Roland after a bear attack
Or Dwarf Bread?

Comment by pilgrimpace

And what were they? Is the secret to be revealed?

Comment by Margaret

Much as I’d like to pretend they were part of Roland, they were of course two small loaves which had been compressed too hard and too long in a rucksack. We were carrying them in case there was no food available in a couple of places. Fortunately there was. We left them for the birds. I hope they didn’t hurt their beaks.

Comment by pilgrimpace

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