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January 30, 2015, 5:26 pm
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We arrived in Betanzos.  After settling into the wonderful municipal albergue we went to look for something to eat – it was that tricky time between dinner and tea.  The plaza major had a row of bars.  One had a bocadillo menu outside and people inside.  When we got inside, it became apparent they all worked there.  After a while our beers arrived.  They weren’t the best we have drunk.  We tried to order bocadillo.  The barman didn’t have most of what was on the menu, but we settled with ham.  Another wait.  A man appeared with bread.  Once we had finished, we decided it was best to leave.  I went to pay.  There was no money at all in the till.  We waited.  Change arrived.

After a wander, we found an an excellent bar down some stairs.  They were cooking.  We worked our way through plates laden with good simple food washed down with good local wine.

After a siesta, Roland went out in search of sticks.  He found a shop rather like the one in this sketch.  For a small consideration he came back with broom handles and ferrules (from Ferrol).  These did us great.  We were even able to put the broom heads back on when we needed to clean up.


There were one or two times we passed very fierce creatures.  Knowing we had sticks to defend ourselves was a comfort.


Shortly after passing this we stopped for coffee in a bar.  At the next table, a spherical man slowly ate ten churros.


This interesting fungus is called Devil Fingers.

Walking along a street in Santiago I glanced into the window of a clothes shop and saw a pair of pants with the words “The chorizo from hell” printed on them.  I waited a while to tell Roland this; the moment he put a spoonful of chorizo stew in his mouth was the right one.

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Very amusing! I’m pleased you managed to find a substantial meal at last. And I’m also glad you didn’t have to use the broom handles against the monster. Best to leave that sort of thing to Don Quixote.

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert. You know, I think I may have to walk again with Don Quixote at the front of my mind ….

Comment by pilgrimpace

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